Agenda line

This line uses technical and thermovirant materials, is 100% Made in Italy, and is usable as coatings in the field of bookbinding.
Fiscatech offers a selection of thermovirant and printable polyurethanes that can be used for a wide range of products in the sector of diaries, stationery, books, photo albums, and high-range religious publications.

The collection is available in a large range of colors and finishes - from the most classic to the most unusual, bright, trendy, etc. - with materials that lend themselves to the characteristic workings of this sector: hot printing, dry or with gold/silver/castellati film, and production on automatic book covering and setting lines. In this way, it ensures the necessary technical characteristics in a sector where automation is essential.

All materials comply with the European Reach Regulation in compliance with the most stringent European standards, both in relation to the production cycle and with reference to the chemicals used.

Agenda 050

Agenda 050 UV is a customizable product, in offset and digital, targeted at the bookbinding and packaging sectors.

It represents the evolution of our Sogeprint printable support. In addition to the application on offset printing lines, it can also obtain excellent results on digital plotters (UV and latex inks), thus responding to the growing need of the market to have maximum flexibility.

Its 0.45 mm thickness allows it to adequately feed the different printing lines while keeping a soft and rich feel, typical of coagulated polyurethane. The material can be realized in all the embossings of the Winner Embossings collections.

Agenda 050 UV also complies with the European Reach Regulation.


Sogeboard is a special non-woven liner imbued with latex, designed as a reinforcement for flexible covers. Its composition does not only give it a round and soft touch, but above all, it increases the durability and dimensional stability of the product and reduces the relative humidity inside the cover.

The look of the cover (and therefore of the book/notebook) is stable and pleasant over time, even in products with an elastic band and for raw-cut covers that are larger than the page block. Sogeboard is also suitable for traditional turn-up covers.

Looking specifically at the religious publishing sector, the Nuera Flexi variant combines increased softness with superior mechanical resistance as well as ensuring excellent performance at maximum speeds on automatic book covering lines.

Sogeboard is compliant with the European Reach Regulation.


Fiscatech has gained important experience in this sector, which has led, over the years, to the development of technical items capable of responding to the stringent needs of the sector: from screen printing to printability, and from resistance to washing.

To this experience, Fiscatech adds a commitment to developing even more innovative products that, without disregarding the technical characteristics, make use of solvent-free technologies, bio-based resins, and GRS recycled TNT fibers.

Specifically, regarding the Circular collection, the material combines its strong, sustainable nature and technical innovation with great versatility, making it ideal for the label sector. It is resistant to stitching and any type of washing, yields excellent hot printing results, has a natural and attractive look, and is available in a variety of colors and thicknesses.