55 years of experience and expertise.
We're not stopping.

Born from the will of Achille Costamagna, Fiscatech is the meeting of the experiences and technologies of Sogetec and Fiscagomma.
Since 1964, the two companies have been leaders in the production of innovative technical materials, and all their products comply with the REACH regulation.

For Fiscatech, innovation means creativity, competence and product quality, as well as providing their customers a choice of products made without toxic substances.
It also means market analysis to predict new trends and needs, in order to satisfy them with successful articles 100% Made in Italy, while respecting the environment, human health and the animal world.


Since 1964, the Fiscatech brand interprets and guarantees the excellence in quality and creativity of the best Italian product.

The Excellence of
Fiscatech products

Thanks to innovation in the form of new technologies, Fiscatech maintains its international market leadership, playing a key role in the production of a wide range of technical articles such as non-woven fabrics, latex foams, and artificial leather.


Sustainability proudly claimed in the product and pursued in the 100% made Italy process, which is a further expression of taste and talent, and which must be understood as the ability to blend both avant-garde technical and aesthetic qualities.

Champions of Technology

The production processes and the quality printing we use are the result of constant research and care, as well as the continuous updating of mechanical and human resources.

A new challenge:

A new challenge: Graphene

Graphene is a prospect at the heart of a range of increasingly resistant, elastic, flexible, and durable products.
Thanks to Fiscatech’s partnership with Bedimensional, it also represents the promise of a future marked by change and innovation.