55 years of Fiscatech history mark a long journey between segments and sectors, in the name of innovation and its spirit.

Many of the materials that seem to be in common use today are actually the output and the result of the inventiveness and determination of Achille Costamagna.

After decades, having been perfected and transformed in a variety of versions, they are – and not only for us – true classics, fundamental points of our customers’ collections all over the world.

Our production techniques:


Produced with the SPUNLACE technology, the linear crossing of fibers bonded by extremely high-pressure water jets. They are composed of viscose, polyester, polyamide, and microfibers. The non-woven products thus obtained can be turned in low weights and thicknesses, and have high mechanical strength while still maintaining softness, breathability, and drapability.

Finishes, formats, and applications

Finishes range from dyeing, to flameproofing, to water-repellent treatments. And as far as formats are concerned, all articles are available in various heights and weights for maximum order flexibility. Finally, there is a wide range of applications: supports for coated and laminated fabrics, interior air filtration, cosmetics, packaging, and bookbinding are just some of the sectors that make use of this technology.

Needle Punched Fabrics

Impregnated needle punched fabrics are produced using the NEEDLE PUNCH technology, the interweaving of mechanically oriented and bound fibers. Polyester, viscose, and polyamide fibers are used. The fibers undergo a process of carding, needling, impregnation with synthetic or polyurethane resins, splitting, grinding, and brushing.

Finishes, formats, and applications

Finishes range from water-repellent treatments to printing. As far as formats are concerned, all articles are available in various heights and weights for maximum order flexibility. Finally, applications using this technology range from anti-slip and reinforcement – for footwear and leather goods – to conveyor belts, labels, PU and PVC coating supports with high dimensional stability and mechanical resistance.

Foam rubber

It is obtained through a production process that allows to mechanically expand a high-elasticity latex foam, characterized by considerable resilience and able to ensure maximum comfort. The foam thus obtained is suitable for widely diverse product lines (see applications).

Finishes, formats, and applications

All articles are available in various heights and weights for maximum order flexibility, and the applications concern hygienic products, padded insoles, orthotics, padding materials.

Embossed products

Through a thermo-mechanical process that takes advantage of the thermoplasticity of our polyurethane bases, it is possible to apply to our products the many textures available in Fiscatech’s catalogue, a real company heritage acquired in more than half a century of history. This line of embossed polyurethanes has different finishes, from the most common to the most particular, such as the Patchwork effects.

Finishes, formats, and applications

These products are also suitable for hot stamping. They find application and wide use in the fields of bookbinding, packaging, footwear, and leather goods.

"Special" finishes

We are referring to processes characterized by a great flexibility of use and order (because they are available in a wide variety of heights and weights), which find application in the most technical and high-quality fields. Think, for example, of “Tumbling”: a process used to give products an ageing effect. All Fiscatech products can be tumbled. We have a wide variety of embossing cylinders.