Spunlaced (hydroentangled)

Spunlace: non woven supports for industrial applications.Made out of viscose, polyamide, polyester fibers, as well as microfibers . Non woven materials have in general extremely high tensile strength and durability characteristics, while not compromising on softness and good feel.


From basic dying to special impregnations (waterproof, flame retardant), we are fully equipped for all kind of technical finishings: to know more, contact us


All the materials are available in a large variety of widths and weights so to grant the widest section and flexibility. To know more contact us.


Supports for coating and bonding, car interiors air filtration, liquid filtration, depilation and cosmetic products, packaging, bookbinding, are just a few of the segments were our non wovens can be successfully used.

To know more about the most innovative applications of our hydroentagled spunlace non wovens, contact us.




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