Bookbinding Agenda heat burnishing coagulated-PU covering materials.

  • Bookbinding Agenda heat burnishing coagulated-PU covering materials 100% Made in Italy for bookbinding.

    The Agenda range: all the Fiscatech bookbinding/printing materials offer is centered on the vast collection of heat burnishing, 100% polyurethanes coagulated. Applications are of course diaries, stationery, high end books, photo albums, religious publishing and small leathergoods. The selection includes plenty of colours and patterns, ranging from the traditional and classical to the most innovative, fashionable, unusual looks.

    Of course, all materials are suitable for being converted on automatic stamping, case-making, casing-in lines, fully up to the need of an highly automated segment. Just check the materials pictures for a preview and feel free to contact us for more info. Needless to say, all the products are made with no animal derived materials, are in full respect of Reach regulation, are  certified and consistent with the EU rules on production cycles and used chemicals.


    Agenda Winner Colours Agenda Winner Embossings
    Agenda Winner Metal – Agenda Metal Gloss
    Agenda Winner Metal Embossings



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