Our new new 06 support allows conversion of the material on any automatic case maker line. The advantage is certainly speed of production but certainly also, a better effect once the front cover is prepared: less thickness in the corners allows a more beautiful diary and in general a better impression of technique.


The temperature is very important. We recommend 180°C and in any case, not to go below 170°C. The dwell time can vary between 0.5 and 1 sec to allow use on automatic high-speed cutters. The pressure can vary with the dimensions and the design of the cliché as with the etching of the material. Generally, between 3 and 4 bar, the best result can be obtained.


The articles were studied for the purpose of obtaining a better performance also in the case of stamping with metallic or pastel tone foils. The conditions for stamping are the same as those for thermo colour change for pressure and time, even if the necessary temperature is only 110-120°C. taking into account naturally, the indications of the supplier for the specific sheets.


Polyurethane is traditionally usable with an vast range of glues. The special coagulation makes the product particularly adapted for animal glues, which are the most used in the sector and on automatic case makers, as with vinyl resins which the most typical for stationery.




It deals with a fireproof article with high technical content. Resistance to abrasion and stains. Soft material adaptable to any form. Applications that range from residential to contract.


Its an article with technical characteristics of resistance to abrasion and stains, suited for a market that doesn’t require fireproof materials.


It deals with material suited for the surface finishing with finishings that range from leather to reptile designs.


This article was conceived for a market that demands products of high quality done with innovative material.